Back to the farm

Last weekend mum and dad were both around so got to spend some time just the three of us kind of but it was nice to have mum and dad around. Saturday was the usual play around the house for a bit and then we went over to see nanny and grandad owen before heading over to Tesco to do our shopping so i could find or at least get dad to try and find my last Mashum toy i needed which was Marshal but unfortunately i ended up with another Zuma Paw patrol mashum but never mind.

Sunday was up and quickly eat breakfast but in my case that is never easy getting me to eat food or even eat food quickly so eventually we were up and about and all dressed ready to show mummy Ice Cream Farm :), When we got there after a few detours because of road closures there were already a few people there but it was time for me to stretch my legs and show mummy the wonders of the farm. Dad tried to take a little bit of a back seat so me and mum could play but he couldn’t help himself getting on a couple of the rides with me, silly dad!

Before we knew it we had to hit the road and on the way back headed to auntie chel and charlies house to see them and baby elora for a little bit before heading back home and ending the day but what a good day out it was.

Through the week i have been really good at eating my usual food and haven’t tried anything new but have been eating my lunch at school, eventually eating my food in the morning and definitely by the time i get back im always hungry now so have no problems eating food when i get back so hopefully i should get something nice from mum or nanny 🙂

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