Back to Reality

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After slowly getting back into the swing of things last week and adjusting back into normal life after spending a fab 4 days in the sun life has definitely got back to normal now and for mummy and daddy its there first full week back at work.

The weather was quite nice when we got back home but then turned nasty for a couple of days which meant i couldn’t really do much however when mummy did try and do things with me it normally resulted in me throwing lost of strops and having a right attitude on me lately, daddy thinks ive watched to much peppa pig and turning into a spoilt brat but its been emotional lately as my teeth have been giving me some proper grief so the night times sleeps have’t been going to well and i have been getting up earlier and earlier through the night so even last night mummy had strapped herself in for a long night expecting me to get up and guess what… 0710am this morning oooossshhh!!! guess who was slightly late for work ha ha! sorry mum x

I think in all fairness thats the best sleep ive had in a long time and we can only see what the next few days brings. Might pop over and see the new married couple today as they should be home safe and sound by now and enjoying the crisp warm air of the UK, Welcome back to reality guys x