back to normality


Been back a week now and its been a rough week for me what with trying to adjust back to UK hours and sleep all the way through the night or at least back to the way i used to sleep but after the last 2 nights it looks like we might and thats a big might be back to normality!

After the first few sleepless nights back in the UK and nanny and grandad owen missing me like crazy it was time to head on over to theres for the night and see if they could work there magic and get me back in to some kind or sleeping pattern. After spending the night there i still wasn’t settled back in to normality and had been up and down just like at home but nanny didn’t mind as she wasn’t sleeping well her self so i guess as usual we kept each other company.

Mum came round that day to collect me and i guess i was having too much fun as i kicked up a right stink as i didnt want to go home so nanny said it was ok for me to stay again so i did, that night i had a really good nights sleep and got up at something crazy like 0930am and that was with a good nights sleep as well 🙂 🙂

Friday night was mummy’s first night back at work so it was up to dad to put me to bed, i did the usual playing up but h’d had a busy couple of days over nanny and grandads so went off in the end with not to much problems at about 9pm and apart from briefly waking up at 0130am for 2 mins dad put me back into bed and i slept until 9am, all in all at the monet things are going good so see how the next few nights are, currently my back 4 teeth are still causing major pain and today  (saturday) ive been off most of my food and have hardly eaten although ive had the usual bonjella from mum and dad and some teething powder i guess im just not in the mood or just having an off day??? who knows im a women and the way i keep changing my mind im definitely a girl


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