Back From USA


Wow daddy has just finished uploading all my photos of mainly me on my holiday to USA, it is my website after all lol but there are some pics of mummy and daddy in there and some nice scenic pics as well. over 700 photos, 5 weeks/ 33 days making up one hell of a holiday!!!

The start of the journey was at dudley port where we got dropped of by grandad owen as nanny owen was too upset with me going for so long and leaving her over her birthday as well but she has survived without me and normal nanny services have been resumed, after traveling down to london gatwick and fight with the under ground tube we settled in for the night before heading over to the states in the morning, daddy had booked the airport lounge but seeing they had a soft play area right outside mum and dad split the time up letting me run around as i was going to be on a plane for over 10hrs which would be my longest flight to date.

whilst on the plane mum had brought me loads of new toys and magazines to look at which i knew nothing about and every now and then something new would come out of her bag and keep me going that little bit more, i managed to stretch my legs a few times by having either mum or dad do laps around the plane with me whilst battering my eye lashes at folk up and down the plane which worked a treat as eventually time literally flew by and we landed safe and sound in USA where i finally got to meet auntie dorothy and uncle tom after all this time just seeing them on skype so it was a good day but that was to be short lived as my energy levels where running out and by 2am UK time (6pm USA time) i was flaking really badly and ended up crashing in my pram as i had been up al day and had about an hours power knap which for me was really good.

Come 2am in the morning i woke with being sick and just generally battered from all the traveling so by 3am we were walking around Las Vegas getting funny looks of people wondering why mummy and daddy were out with little young me at that time of the morning but the lights were bright and i was refreshed for a few hours at least so on wards we went just ignoring people who were giving us the dodgy looks. Come 0430am i think i was kidding myself about getting up and by 5am was flaked out again so back to the hotel room mum and dad went were me and mum had a couple hours sleep whilst daddy went to the gym.

It wasnt long that late morning that we had to hit the road where we would be spending the next 4 weeks almost with auntie dororth and uncle tom and boy was that the longest hardest ride yet, all i wanted to do was sleep but poor old uncle tom had to goto the bathroom so when he stopped i would wake and by did every know about it and thats kinda how the journey to reno went. The next 4 weeks just involved alot of playing around in parks for me, eating out and seeing new sites and having just the best quality time EVER meeting new people and seeing new sites it was soooo great.

mum and dad did have to take me to the hospital at one point very early on in the holiday but thats just because it hit me hard the travelling and soon bounced back, there was amazing parks and an amazing soft play that i went to most of the time and even got scratched by a 15yr old cat and had some serious war wounds after it. But then after doing all this it was time to hit the road to Hollywood and disney land for a couple of days before finishing off the adventure back in Las Vegas where i would get to celebrate my 2nd birthday and boy it was yet again Amazing! managed to eat nuggets and cake in a hot tub over looking the pretty castle Excalibur so at my age what more could a girl want, either way it was an amazing holiday and soon enough it had to come to an end.

The flight back was slightly shorter and we traveled through the night which i did manage to sleep a bit on the plane and the whole plane ride back seemed to go quicker arriving on the 9th April back at gatwick ready to collect the rental car for the final couple of hours back to home sweet home