Back From Nannys

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Well hopefully mummy and daddy had a nice little break away from me as im back home now but what an ace couple of days i had over nanny and grandad owens house, and im hoping nanny and grandad had a better nights sleep after me staying there as they had a toddler bed over there as well as a cot so mum and dad thought it was the perfect time to see how i get on with one and in all fairness over the two nights it went ok.

First night mum put me to bed as mum and dad stopped the friday night and mum got in the toddler bed with me and gave me cuddles as she didn’t think i would stay in there but soon enough off to sleep i went and stayed till 0430am, next night nanny did the same but was very unsettled and ended up sleeping in with nanny and grandad but then sunday night after having a very busy day i was shattered and slept till 0630am so me in a toddler bed went ok.

Whilst having a great time with nanny and grandad owen over the weekend there was some extra special visitors that came all the way over from France,  Nanny and grandad Broadfield!!! so i got to see them as well over the weekend and also all this week and if that wasn’t enough i also had a blast with Ellie who is mummy’s aunties granddaughter and we had fun on the bouncy castle playing together and lots of us went out for something to eat on the sunday so i got to see everyone again and play with Ellie in the soft play, think ive got a new friend lol

Now im back home its back to normality apart from i have no cot anymore 🙁 mummy and daddy think that its time i had a big girls bed so it should be fun over the next few days seeing how i get on with that, so far last night went well to start with and then just as mummy and daddy were going to sleep i decided to play up a bit but they stuck to there guns and after about half an hour of me playing up i finally went down for the rest of the night till 0530am ish so we shall see how the next few days goes.

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