Back From Blackpool

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Fun Over with and back to reality, was another quick road trip but as Uncle Deano hasn’t seen me in a while daddy said it was his turn to go and visit him which after a small knap in the car and a bit of Bing and peppa pig we got to blackpool after an amazing morning at Alton towers.

We didn’t really do much when we got there as it was getting late in the afternoon so i just decided to trash his flat like i do at home but in a smaller place it looks bad but on the plus side of things he gave me 2 giant teddy’s which auntie charly stole spongebob (dad really said she could have him as he didn’t want them at his) so we are just left with 1 giant dog now. In the ¬†morning it was time to get uncle deano’s daughter so i could goto the sea front and play the slots and go on some rides and i even got to meet a minion which was ace, mum won olaf from frozen film and emily had almost 300 tickets to spend, i tried my hardest to stay awake all day and lasted till 1445pm where i was passed out in the pram and it was time to call it a day, mum and dad got back to the car and drop uncle deano and emily off and then we hit the long road back home.

Another short and sweet visit to Blackpool but i think mum and dad will go back up on there own next time and that way they can both have a drink. On the way back home daddy decided to pop in and see how grandma broadfield was doing and the rest of the gang so we stopped in and it was play time for me as my other partner in crime elly was there and we just got to run round for almost an hour just to end the day on a really good not before heading back to my own bed and let mummy goto work xx



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