Au Revoir Nanny & Grandad Broadfield!

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Sad sad day yesterday on more than one account, first stop of the day was to pick nanny and grandad broadfield up at the hotel to take them back to East Midlands Airport, well daddy was taking them i was just tagging along for the ride and at 8am in the morning it was still a good time to sleep which i did as i know if i was wide awake and staring at nanny in the back of the car she wouldn’t of got on the plane. Its felt like they have been here for ages and i have spent loads of time with them and had baths with nanny and day trips to lots of differnt places, spent time with just me and grandad and mummy and had some nice pictures as well just wish nanny would not be so camera shy but i do love her and grandad loads just as much as i love my weekly overnight stay with nanny owen which is the next sad part to yesterday.

After daddy had his windows tinted to stop the sunlight blinding me while we travel around places daddy came and picked me and nanny owen up and spent the afternoon over uncle Stuarts and cousin Liams which was really nice then it was getting on so we went back to the house for food and some play time with nanny. After playing and chilling with nanny she put me to bed at 10:30pm but soon after she had to go back home to sort Jasper the dog out as grandad owen was away fishing and was ment to be back home in the evening but had problems and wouldn’t make it back till early hours so nanny had to catch a ┬átaxi home and now i dont get to see her this morning, hopefully she will stay another night and get to see how well im sleeping through the night, just over 7hrs sleep last night which is really good so fingers crossed i sleep this well when i goto Scotland which isn’t long now!