Another year done

its been another great year with highs and lows so lets see what 2017 brings! ive been to france for a week, america for 5 weeks, scotland for the weekend and wales for the day as well along with many visits to local places for nothing spectacular but even so i certainly get around and about for my age.

Ive got to meet my great aunt and uncle in USA for the first time and got to see my scottish family again after only seeing them when i was only very small, whilst it was really lovely to see everyone once again in scotland including my great nanna taylor sadly it was for the last time after she passed away shortly after an amazing 90th birthday party which memories will be kept forever and stories will be told to me of what an amazing women she was as i grow up and understand more.

I started nursery for the first time and now i go everyday for a few hours although there are some days i really dont want to it has certainly helped with me eating a little bit more and i get to sing and dance and play with lots of kids so in the end i do like it but cant wait to get back home as well.

Christmas this year was as always spectacular and got spoilt rotten by everyone with gifts galore and of course not forgetting my very first pink car with personalized number plate 🙂 what more does a girl need, on top of all my gifts and spending it christams morning with both nanny’s and grandad’s i have spent some nights over nanny and grandad owens as well which is getting to be like my second home but it gives mummy and daddy a break which when i dont shut up from morning till night they kinda need one especially mummy as she has to put up with dad as well lol. Daddy has done a video of my christmas day if people want to goto the video section of the site they will find it.

Well tonight im celebrating 2016/2017 with nanny and grandad owen so mummy and daddy can have a nice chilled evening and a sleep in so for the last blog of 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE XXXX