Another month almost gone

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Its almost the end of August and it has been a fun month, there has been daddys friend Dean and his daughter come and stay as well as my auntie charly staying over tuesday night, the usual nanny night except when grandad owen went into hospital and some new stuff just for me such as my shoes, high chair and toys oh and daddy bought me some new shades as well!

I don’t think daddy is going to get to do another blog until tuesday now as him and mum are ditching me and heading off to blackpool for the weekend with aunite charly for his birthday weekend but thats ok, im fine with that as i get to go and spend the weekend with nanny and grandad owen and also my live web feed will be taken over there as well so mummy and daddy can still see me when there gone as long as grandad doesn’t switch the internet off like he did the last time!

Yesterday was and amazing surprise as my auntie charly had stopped over the night before so i got loads of kisses and cuddles from her which is always nice. once we all got up it was time for me to get my little chubba self weighed and last time i was 14lbs 3.5oz and now im 14.13.5oz which is still good and the people at the surgery are happy with how im progressing. the rest of the day was spent over nanny and grandads and we also had to pop out to get daddy a few more gifts for his birthday. This morning i managed to wake up at 0620am after sleeping since 2050pm and mummy likes it when i sleep in that little bit later as she’s always up when daddy get home and doesn’t goto bed till about 2330pm. well folks i hope you have a fab weekend and please don’t nominate me for the ice bucket challenge as ive spent all my pocket money sponsoring daddy, as much as i’d love to get cold i just cant afford it!