Another Flight Done


Im back at home after another couple of flights to and from France to see nanny and grandad Broadfield and what a difference it was this time as i really cant remember the first time i went out there when i was about 5-6 months old so for me it was like a brand new experience. Me, Nanny owen and daddy sat together on the plane and had a right laugh and i didnt even sleep even though it was only a short flight i was up on daddy’s lap right next to the window watching everything go on outside both there to France and back, once we got back to nanny and grandad broadfields house they had brought me my own table and chair and i had a massive chest of toys to play with whilst i was out there so i certainly wasnt board in the house and there poor house was trashed most days with me and my toys. Our next trip with Aerobell Airlines was even more exciting as I was going on vacation.

Sleeping arrangements were a bit hit and miss and daddy wasnt originally going to come but finaly did and so i got to share a bed with either nanny owen or mum and dad just depending on who i would settle with, most of the nights me and nanny owen had cuddles and shared the bed but there was a couple of nights when i couldnt sleep and thus breaking my really good sleeping stint but that was down to teething slightly as finally the night/morning i should of been up early i decided that i would sleep in and didnt want to get up past 8am there time when we needed to be out of the house for about 9.15am at the latest to come home.

i did however manage to make a friend over there called Louie and got to play with him most nights at the pub where grandad broadfield and daddy went every night and even mummy came with us a couple of nights as well. I even got invited round to play in a pool with Louie which was really cool although i did have a pool bought for me over nanny and grandad’s house this pool over Louie’s was massive but i enjoyed both of them as the weather was really really hot over there and got better as the week went on. I even for the first time went in a massive lake which wasn’t the warmest but still took my first dip properly in the ocean which mummy and daddy were just shocked and amazed, no one thought i would go in it and before they could get me undressed i was knee deep in it.

I bet by now nanny and grandad broadfields house is really quiet without me and enjoyed every minute of running around there bug massive house exploring all the different rooms and of course my toy doggy which im hoping someone is walking every day for me while im gone lol love you guys lots and thanks for having me nany and grandad xxxxx

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