An extra day with nanny

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Nanny owen get the pleasure of my company for an extra day this week as not only is daddy of to work on another 13hr daybut mummy has to go and drop into work for what i think daddy said was called a keeping in touch day? not quite sue what that really means but who cares as daddy going to drop me off a nanny owens and then nanny and grandad will drop me off later when it almost time for bed and i get to do the same thing again on saturday.

I havent seen much of daddy this week as he back in work and doing some overtime as well, the only time i really get to see him is first thing in the morning as im kind enough to be awake around 5-6am and unfortunately 5-6am hasn’t been my first time awake in the nights and i havent been sleeping straight through for a couple of weeks now and not because there is anything wrong with me i dont think apart from some more teeth cutting though but who knows.