Almost time to fly

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Sunny France is almost upon us and soon im going to be getting on a massive bird in the sky where nanny and grandad broadfield will be waiting for little me to arrive, poor mummy isnt looking forward to it as she don’t like flying but its all good as i have daddy and uncle dean on the plane so they are hard core flyers and they aint scared.

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find nanny owen had stopped over to spend some time with me as she isnt going to see me at least in person for a whole week and for her thats alot so we have been having some nanny and granddaughter time this morning and checking the weather in France on her kindle and just enjoying our last few moments together before i jet off in the sky and then she will only get to see me on skype.

Whilst im away in France unfortunately there will be no live feed through the night as we have to watch what we take on the plane but will let people know when im back and try and get mummy and daddy and uncle dean to take lots of pictures. Daddy has been playing around with the instagram section of the website and hopefully for those of you who aint on instagram will be able to get notified when a new instagram picture is put up rather than just guessing and checking every now and then.