February 2015

Almost back to myself


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Well im glad January is over and done with and looks like February is slowly starting off on a good note, im starting to feel more like my self and have had a good couple of nights sleep with a slight hiccup last night but all in all im doing really well.

due to not being able to do much a pretty much feeling like death there hasn’t been a fat lot to do but seems Christmas has only just gone i still have loads of toys to play with and with endless re-runs of peppa pig im usually sorted and if all else fails i just go round nanny and grandad owens and cause trouble round there now that they have there house back from the builders.

Today i managed to have some lunch and dinner as well as 8ozs before i went to bed so all looks good and the monthly weigh-in is on wednesday so its going to be interesting, im also going to be spending the night over at nanny and grandads this weekend as well so mummy and daddy can have there valentines night early as mummy wont be feeling up to nothing on the 14th after having an operation but dont worry folks its nothing serious. Daddy is slowly getting round to putting up January’s pictures up and they should be done by tomorrow night so pop back and have a look although it hasnt been my best month to date.