Almost back

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Its been a few days since my last blog that daddy types for me and things have almost gone back to the way they were which for dad that’s a good sign although as always with me im not 100% right but when you have parents like mine than i don’t think i will ever be. On the sleeping side of things ive started to sleep almost all the way through the night with only one wake up but normally that’s just before mum and dad goto sleep before midnight then im sleeping till around 6am so im almost back!Nanny and Grandad broadfield have decided to stay for christmas as there was talk of them going home so so close to christmas and there could also be a chance that they will be here on christmas morning when i wake up as well which is even better news as last year they were still in France and on Skype while i opened my presents now they can both help me open them 🙂 :)Off to nanny and grandad owens tonight for a sleep over as its been a while and who knows who’s going to turn up while im there, yesterday was my sort of cousin to make it easier Tommy who is 2 months younger than me so its always  nice when he comes over even though he keeps calling me babba lol