Aint no stopping me now

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Morning folks! well feels like afternoon for me as ive been awake on and off most of the night again, i sleep for a few hours then loose me dummy so mummy comes in and i go back to sleep and this normally happens most of the night but im sure i’ll snap out of it soon and it helps mummy and daddy sometimes as they know there never going to sleep in late and Saturday morning we had to get up early anyway to go and get some work done on daddys car and his mot so we got to spend most of the morning having breakfast in Birmingham and going to look at so animals which was really cool and i got to see this massive bird on a big branch without a cage just sat on it munching on a poor teddy bear.

We picked Nanny owen up after daddy got his car sorted and we had the usual Saturday night with her which helps mummy catch up on her sleep and at the moment boy does she need it with me, daddy does try and help but i dont like him getting up all night long as he has to go out driving during the week and i dont want him to crash. Im slowly getting the hang of this rolling and crawling game but havent quite mastered the going forward but boy am i getting around the living room and i think i could put G.I Joe to shame the way im rolling around at the moment, im even trying to master the wave and of course because im a princess i have to wave like the queen

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