adieu France (Goodbye France)




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IM BACK FOLKS!!! what a week i have had its been amazing and to spend it with my nanny and grandad broadfield was fab. I have been introduced to so many people over there and have had lots of gifts i truly am spoilt and im so going to miss waking up and seeing them in person and i know my nanny is especially going to miss me bless her x

My first plane ride went really well and as soon as the plane started to move i went to sleep but only until it was up in the air and then i was wide awake playing away until it landed and it was the same on the way back but i did sleep a little longer on the way back but all in all i did really really well and didn’t scream or cry once. Daddy has tried to upload some of the photos from the holiday and hopefully tomorrow he will get Septembers photos done as well but he has been having problems uploading them tonight so as soon as they are all done properly he will let people know but there are some france pictures up already.

its going to take a couple of days to re adjust to being back home but im sure if i have a good nights sleep it will be like ive never gone but im glad daddy is keeping this web site for me so when im older i can look back and remember what an amzing time i have had,  now its time for me to try and get some sleep and with nanny owen staying tonight im looking forward to spending some more time with her in the morning, ive been with her and grandad owen this afternoon to let mummy and daddy sort stuff out and i think mummy needs a good nights sleep so fingers crossed she does and nanny and grandad broadfield im missing you already xxxx