May 2016

A Slice of Happiness


With dad being busy as always the blog of me has taken a back seat but he still finds time now and then to keep folks up to date on things as im always busy as well. me and mum have taken to baking cakes and we have done this twice now but today nanny even helped make them but by the time they were done i didnt want to eat todays lot. I managed to celebrate daddys cousin rona’s birthday even though she wasnt here mum and dad bought me her favourite doughnut ‘Krispie Kreme’ but all i wanted to do was like the icing off the top which ment mum had a litlle nibble as well.

Ive had two play dates recently, one with my second cousin Tommy and the other was with auntie charlies niece who i always love to go and play with and thats Elly as we are like the terrible two and now im getting older we play really nicely together and in all fairness it even nicer when i pop over to cousin Liams house as well especially when the weather is nice as we have great fun, things now im getting bigger are so much fun.

My speech is getting better day by day and words are becoming more and more clear,  i walk around the house some times when i cant see mum or dad going “daddy/mummy where are you!!!!” and i love the word cake as well. Mum and dad have still been consistent with me going to bed and now some nights its less than 60 seconds and im gone, the morning time is not my favourite time as i still dont have concept of time although i do listen to mum and dad when they tell me to go back to bed and ok i do moan and grown a little but when that sun comes up on my clock its all GO GO GO!!! and im sooo excited to be able to get out of my room.

Current health status is i may have conjunctivitis on top of a sore throat and a little cough as well as a tooth comming though very very slowly which always makes my body go all crazy so im slightly off some foods and a little cranky but mum and dad are getting better at diagnosing me.


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