A Girl’s gotta have shoes

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Ive only just gone at got me first pair of clarks shoes and dont i look like a pretty gal in them 🙂 and coz i took daddy with me i managed to grab me another pair as well but in all fairness it doesn’t take much for me to get something from daddy lol

Even went to stay and play today and because it was nice weather we got to play outside and not only was the weather nice but mummy came with us as well so got to have a few photos taken of daddy pushing me around like a big girl in the toy car which is just like a rubbish version of my posh minnie mouse car but all the same i love it when daddy pushes me around and we pretend that we are going on a little adventure so today has been a good day for me and tomorrow nanny owen is coming over as its D-Day at the weigh-in to see if ive managed to put any weight back on which i think i should have as im eating loads better now.

Oh i forgot to mention the name of my purple shoes, there only called the same as my mummy’s name just spelt differently but how mad is that (My Shoe #1) and my other shoes are another girls best thing choc chip (My Shoe #2)

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