A few days with uncle deano

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The weekend has been and gone and im glad grandad owen is on the mend so i guess my cuddles and smiles must of helped but no sooner does grandad owen get out of hospital does grandma broadfield go into hospital as she hasn’t been well at all and i cant go over there  to france to see her for a while so at the moment she is out of hospital and she gets to see me on skype so for now that’s going to have to do but i am looking forward to spending a whole week of quality time with them and also going on my first plane ride and to make it even better daddy’s best friend who i call uncle dean is going to be joining us as well and maybe if auntie charlie get her plane ticket sorted out she will be coming as well but i really don see that happening for some reason.

before our big adventure to France uncle deano has come down this week with his daughter emily so hopefully we can go and do some things this week it just ashame that daddy is in work in the afternoons so he wont be spening much time with us but will see uncle dean at the end of the month for his birthday weekend drink session in blackpool.

back to Saturday night and its been the first time in a long time that nanny owen hasn’t spent the night over here due to grandad owen just getting out of hospital but got to see her at over the weekend just she didnt stop, there’s always another weekend. by the time we got everything done saturday it was food bath and bed for me and we didn’t even get chance to go and see auntie carla and uncle shayne as they we up from wales over uncle stuarts and auntie amanda’s house but eventually on sunday we got to pop round and see them before they went home, it was a short and sweet visit but we got there in the end.