January 2015

9 Month Weigh-in


9 month weight check up at the docs and since my last visit i haven’t put that much back on. Last time i went i wasn’t well (my blog 1 month ago)¬†and that’s when mummy and daddy decided that getting weighed every month instead of every couple of weeks was a better idea especially seems there was a doctors surgery closer doing monthly check ups. This months weigh-in came in at 8.2kg or 18lbs 1oz so i haven’t put that much on at all but enough for them to be ok with me, i don’t really like my baby food at the moment in jars but if anyone else is eating im there like a shot!

Last night mummy made me pizza and a couple of waffles and boy did i scoff them down, i really am a daddy’s girl as daddy loves pizza, then this morning mummy had made a smoothie which i wanted as well so i dont think im off my food i just want the good stuff and can you blame me? i mean who wants that dodgy porridge stuff they try and feed me when i can have normal food! im just an independent women already lol

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