8wks Old

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Thats right people, 8weeks old and growing good! i should of been weighed again but i have my 8wk jabs on wednesday so mummy and daddy are going to wait till tommorrow, on my last weigh in i weighed 9lbs 2oz so i should be more than that now. over the last week i have become alot more alert and smiling alot more, i know i have wind but there are some very cute genuine smiles in there as well which is making photo taking alot more fun for mummy and daddy trying to capture them.

Mummy is going to be spending alot more time with me on her own this week as nanny and grandad broadfield have gone home to france and nanny and grandad owen are busy for the first part of the week so its going to help mummy try and keep me awake more so i can sleep through the night, last night i slept from about 9:30pm ish till about 6am which is making mummy alot happier now so she dont look like a zombie walking, daddy gets his sleep anyway because he cant goto work driving tired but when i start wanting to watch tv programs in the morning he’s going to get up with me and let mummy have more sleeps. I still have my wobbly head but im enjoying mummy and daddy holding me up so i look like im standing and when i get put back down i start to moan alot, check out the bean bag dance in the videos


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