June 2014

8wk jabs & check up

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Yesterday was my 8 week jabs and now im cranky baby! mummy and nanny owen went and took me at 3:40pm at the doctors but they couldn’t get me weighed at the same time as the health visitor wasn’t there so only had my jabs and now all i wanna do is scream the house down every time i get put down, think i just want my mummy. Also after doing so well sleeping i did my first stretch at about 9:30pm till 4am and then went back down for about an hour with mummy and daddy as i didn’t want to be on my own but mummy and daddy have been told that i should be fine in about 48hrs but until then its going to be the return of the black bags under mummy’s eyes but i think if i crack a few smiles here and there i should get away with being cranky baby as i am cute!

luckily enough there was a slot at a clinic to go and get me weighed and checked out so daddy took me and mummy this morning and the health visitor who came out to the house was there and was very pleased with everything and managed to get my measurements and now i weigh a healthy 9lbs 15oz’s and im 54cm long which is on target so mummy and daddy are happy that everything is going well.