7 Days till xmas eve

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Its getting ever closer till my first christmas and already ive been trying to get some practice in ready for the big day but obviously when mummy wasnt looking. Last few days have been the same old same old, getting up in the morning and being all smiley and happy after having reasonable sleep and also not getting up these days till around 7am then as the day goes on i do get crankier and crankier and some days i dont wanna sleep much though the day so by 7pm mummy starts to look at bit run down with me playing her up but thats my job and i cant just let her have it easy all the time.

Still no sign of me walking yet but crawling around and trying to climb on things and getting to places i shouldn’t is my specialty and have it down to a fine art, its got to the point now where if i had the choice id be up the stairs which i have done a couple of times now with mummy or daddy behind me so i dont fall back but daddy made a rod for him self as he had to go out and buy another stair gate for the bottom of the stairs.