5 months difference



Not long now and she will have made it to the 6 month mark but for now she is 5 months and going strong and what a difference in her already and still so much more to changes to come, no more baby Leah for mummy and daddy but deep down she will always be to us our little baby!

we could never have imaged how much our lives would have changed no matter how many people said it would but i guess until you have a child then people will never understand but at the same time myself and kirstie wouldn’t change a single thing (except maybe a little more sleep). Since she has entered the world we have been blessed to have had such a pretty baby which obviously she get that from her daddy lol and although we seem to start off living at the doctors Leah is slowly becoming her own person and with just a single smile can melt anyone’s heart away.

In just 5 months she has already traveled most of the UK from Wales, Blackpool, Scotland and the Highlands and soon just before her 6 month mark will set off on another journey across the channel the France on her first plane ride where we’re hoping to visit more and more and for France to become her second home and hopefully second language.


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