4 month recap

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Im into 16 weeks of my life just gone monday and its been a crazy fun filled adventure already with meeting lots of family members and traveling hundreds of miles seeing some lovely places but no place can compare to home sweet home.

Life started in April with an overdue stay at the hospital but soon managed to come home and begin life properly with lots of cards gifts and well wishes from people far and wide and the start of many trips with the first one being to stourport and also the official register of me being in the world.

May brought more adventure and celebration as it was my auntie carla’s big day getting married so off to wales to finally meet her and more of my family and freinds including my crazy but amazing great auntie lois and her husband, daddy’s best friend ben and his daughter and wife beth and this month we had more visits from nanny and grandad broadfield from france which is always special seeing them in person.

Next month June was a massive journey up north to sunny scotland where granny and grandad taylor were waiting to see me for the first time in person and to also meet more of my massive family and especially to see my great nanna taylor and also lots more visting places such as wick, elgin, inverness, john o groats and aberdeen.

Finally July is the month i think things kind of slowed down after a crazy few months and mummy and daddy have started to get into a routine with me and are slowly getting used to being parents but could not have gone through this amazing adventue without the biggest support of all and thats my bestest friend nanny owen, she has been mummy’s rock and daddy has just been there to wind her up and make her laugh but she has been there for all 3 of us since the day i was born and before and cant wait to see and spend more and more time with her even though ive seen her now for over 2 weeks straight but hay thats a good thing i loves her even though she’s crazy!

I have had more stories and journeys over the last few months and daddy has tried to document them as best as possible, its been amazing seeing everyone for the first time and more in some case but there has also been bad times as well and suffering from colic and reflux from day dot hasnt been easy, the colic is under control as is the reflux but still sicky now and then as is most babies but now im starting a new chapter of slowly starting to eat im hoping things will change and its going to be interesting to see what the next 4 months brings.