June 2015

3 good sleeps

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Its been a strange few days for little young me which i guess is all part of growing up. Since we came back from Cyprus i have had a couple of red dots appear on my skin but only a couple and nothing to serious enough to say that its going to be an outbreak of chicken pox so mummy took me to the docs and i have been given some sudacream and also some piriton as well which im not sure is down to me having some really good nights sleeps or maybe its because im going to bed a couple of hours later but either way its been dad having to get me up in the mornings now as mum is in work by the time im getting up, last couple of days ive been going to bed when dad gets home after ive had all my meds and about 10pm and apart from waking up slightly at around 3am im staying in my bed and going back to sleep till 7-7.15am which is much better for everyone.

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Yesterday mum and nanny owen decided to meet up and take me to Funky monkeys as ive only been there once with cousin Liam and theres lots more to play with than the other children areas round here and boy and i getting good at all this kind of things, mummy and nanny were so shocked at how well i was doing and where i was going all the way up to the top and climbing around like crazy, no more little baby any more 🙁 x

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