2 Good Nights

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Apart from a lingering cough which is slowly disappearing im probably 98% back to my normal self again and the last couple of days have been really good for mum and dad at least as i havent got out my cot until apx 8am, not sure if its because i spend have the night doing laps around my cot and taking ages to settle down but mummy certainly aint complaining.

Me and mummy have been over nanny and grandads a few days this week which is nothing unusual for us but we got to also see my second cousin tommy and wow! has he grown since the last time i saw him and considering he is 6weeks younger than me he  it looks like we were born on the same day. Mums in work this weekend so this morning i get to spend some quality time with dad before heading off to nanny and grandads to goto the market then off for food shopping ready for xmas day, 5 days now 🙂 🙂