1st week of september

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Been a busy first week of September so far, never made it to Kinver as i had my morning knap later than normal and when daddy had to leave i had only just gone down so dad went and if i woke up mum was going to meet up with dad and go from there but all that went down the pan plus with the weather being really bad we all just ended up over mummy and daddy’s friends house (michelle and gareths).

Tuesday was present wrapping day ready for daddy’s birthday on wednesday where i got to share or shall i say eat almost all of daddy’s slice of carrot cake lol its a good job he likes me 🙂 and then in the afternoon nanny took me to a soft play center which are like my second home and i also went and got weighed and second month in a row i put weight on and the health visitor people at the center said my food and drink doesn’t need to be monitored anymore, dad’s going to put my weight chart up tomorrow but weight increase was 0.06kg (8.64kg last month and this month 8.7kg) not much but better than nothing.

Thursday we didn’t do much as we had to wait in for mum and dads new bed which aint fair as its massive and haven’t figured how to get up on it yet but i would imagine it wont be long before i figure out the best way to do it and hopefully if im good after this weekend i may even get a new bed myself as im over nanny and grandad owen’s house this weekend and they have a toddler bed as well as a cot so im going to see how i get on with a toddler bed

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