1st week back

Its been a while since ive checked in but life has changed for me now and i get to go to BIG nursery full time now, some people keep telling me its school but i soon correct them and tell them nooo its BIG nursery i goto and whilst this is my second week back its my first full week there.

I started back last wednesday and things went really well, i got dropped off and daddy even came to take me with mummy and away i went with not a care in the world, guess i was excited to go and play with different toys and see some of my friends that i hadn’t seen for what felt like ages. before i knew it daddy and nanny bob was coming to pick me up. The rest of the week went well and the weekend  was finally here and it was Baby Elora’s first birthday party so off to sandwell valley we went to meet up with everyone.

When we got to Sandwell Valley nanny and grandad broadfield turned up and nanny bob was already with us so all we had to do was wait for Chel and Charlie and baby Elora to turn up and also my other friend Elly but i couldn’t wait so we carried on inside the farm to go and see what animals i could see and there were stinky pigs, horses, goats, lambs, ducks and chickens so i had lots of fun and before we knew it we had been there a couple of hours and it was time to go and play over Chel and Charlies house with Elly.

The weekend finally ended and the start of my first full week of BIG nursery  and come tuesday i didn’t like it when mummy left and soon started to play up and cry but i still got left and enjoyed being there, friday came and i only cried a little so who knows i might be getting used to it but all in all its going great and the only problem/ concern that mumy and daddy has is me eating at dinner times but im getting there slowly and its going to be a while before i break the problem i have with eating different food and could well be years before i stop being awkward about food, on the plus side i did well the last few days and today i have been promised a new toy so off to the shops today we go 🙂