1st of many

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The weekend is over and its been crazy crazy the past few days and daddy hasnt had chance to sit and do my blog for me. Friday we went over daddy’s friends house and i got to have lunch and play with cooper then nanny and grandad came over to baby sit while mummy and daddy went out and when they got back my non official uncle dean from blackpool came down for the weekend and everything just seem to go really quickly.

This week is daddy’s first long stint of looking after me as mummy has started full time training for 3 days this week and then is working friday and saturday so its just going to be me and daddy for the majority of the week and i get to go over nannys in the afternoon and cause trouble over there then just look at them and smile and i get away with it lol. Poor daddy will be pulling his hair out by the end of this week but its going to be nice to spend some quality time just the 2 of us and if he aint used to looking after me on his own after saturday then we’re all in trouble

OH YEAH!!! guess what uncle dean bought me as well?? only my mate Peppa!!

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