August 2014

101 Blog entry’s and going strong

Yes that’s right folks me and daddy have been busy over the last few months trying to keep everyone up to date with whats going on in my life so far and now with last nights video upload of my scrapbook daddy did for me we hit 100 posts and the website is slowly taken shape as i grow as well.

So the last few days have been ups and downs again but after Thursday things did start to pick up but not before i spent the majority of Thursday screaming at everyone at nanny and grandad owens so i think nanny must of felt sorry for me and thought i needed cheering up so went and got me my jumperoo which is supposed to be going back to nanny and grandads but ive been having so much fun in it mummy is going to have to find somewhere to put it and is now kicking herself that she didn’t buy the one from uncle Stuart and auntie Amanda as all ive done since ive had it is go crazy in it and knacker myself out in it and when i went to bed at 9.15pm Thursday night daddy was awake before me Friday morning wondering why i hadn’t got up but come just before 0600am i was awake and ready for day 2 of learning how to jump jump jump!!

By Friday afternoon i was shattered again and me and mummy had a nice afternoon knap befor facing the second half of the day and by this point going back in the jumperoo i was well away and now can bounce like mad and have loads of fun in it and bless mummy her little toys she bought me dont even get a look in now. Sleep wise i went to bed about 8pm and slept again till about 6am so things seems to be on the up and up for me but the way i am these days that could all change in an instant but hay i like to keep mummy on her toes as daddy works hard so mummy should as well lol.

Saturday daddy left us in the morning so he could go on his bike ride and bless him he had 4 punctures in one go so by the time he got back home it was time to go and see nanny and grandad and get the evening started with nanny night where i was extra nice to nanny and slept in till 0615am, now its almost time for my Sunday swim and like last week we get to go swimming with daddy’s friends daughter Jade who came and seen me when i was first born and takes really nice photos of me .